A new country on the international filming scene is South Korea. A small yet extremely developed place, South Korea amazes people with its culture, infrastructure, historic locations, and people. Should you need a film fixer in South Korea for your production, there are some rules to be followed for finding the right one.

The benefits of hiring a film fixer in South Korea

Finding a film fixer in South Korea is now more accessible than ever. Why? Because the movie industry has set its big, 3D eyes on this little Asian country, ever since the success of Squid Game. This production from South Korea is the number one TV series Netflix has ever made. Think about that for a hot minute! This has taken a toll not just on the tourism industry in the country but also on the filmmaking one. More and more production crews head to Korea to film, and it’s obvious why.

With impeccable infrastructure, incredible sights, and hardworking people, South Korea is the ideal spot for filming. Hiring a film fixer in South Korea comes with tons of benefits. For once, a fixer knows how things run in their own country. They know who to call, how to ask for things, and where to draw the line. A good fixer here should be able to get you a filming pass within hours, should you need one. Or to block a street, if and when your scenario asks for an action road shot. Whatever it is that you do, a good fixer will take care of it. And you don’t even have to know the language for it.

Another benefit of having a fixer here is money. By having a local to take care of affairs, you save a ton on hiring guides, translators, and other auxiliary personnel. Your fixer will take care of things without you having to pay extra for services.

What does a film fixer do

What is the actual job of a film fixer in South Korea? The truth is, fixers don’t do “something”. You know a producer will take care of editing a part of the movie, and that’s that. Or that an actor will play a certain role, and there’s that. A fixer? They can fix, and then they can coordinate, advise, translate, even produce for you. A fixer is good with everything happening on set. And, most importantly, a fixer can fix any of the issues that might arise on the set.

On a good day, a fixer can take care of a tricky permit situation, move your entire crew to another hotel because the current one is bad, and save you money from hiring an expensive crew to move equipment, by having some locals do it for cheap. Variety, that’s the strong point of any great fixer. They can turn into anything, like a chameleon, and help you out by literally fixing things around the set. That’s their most prized asset!