K-dramas or box-office leading blockbusters, films shot in South Korea are always a hit. And one major element that provides a great context for any action is, of course, the backdrop. Skyscrapers, Buddhist temples, green forests, you name it. Film locations in South Korea include anything you can think of. 

Most Famous Film Locations In South Korea

A top choice among the film locations in South Korea is, no doubt, Seoul. This highly-developed metropolis has served as the main setting for various international productions. If you felt scenes from Avengers: Age of Ultron(2015) remind you of The Bourne Legacy (2012),you are right. Both of these movies used areas of the Gangnam neighborhood in Seoul as the backdrop.

But the capital city can offer a lot more than just the setting for a fight scene. The massive skyscrapers cross paths with Buddhist temples, palaces, and bustling street markets. Many gained a romantic vibe thanks to K-dramas that used them as sets.

Aside from the hustle and bustle of Seoul, there is also Busan. Filmmakers often turn their cameras towards this area. Especially due to its well-conserved traditional look. The Gamcheon Culture Village boasts colorful houses, more than telegenic. There are some mountain and seaside landscapes in the area too. And for a blooming, extra-romantic setting, Jangsado Island is less than an hour away.

Documentaries, as well as movie productions, may be easily shot on Jeju Island. Its lush nature draws large biodiversity, ideal as an unspoiled decor.

While at first sight, film locations in South Korea may seem limited, the truth is they are not. This is one of the reasons why this country has a highly prolific film industry. Not to mention, their film studios are far from modest. And the success of K-dramas goes far beyond the borders of their home country.

Top K-Drama Film Locations

South Korean movies like Parasite (2019) are the ones gaining more international awards. But K-dramas are also highly relevant in the context of this country’s film industry. And plenty of the spots used in such productions became very popular among tourists. As for the concept of “K-drama pilgrimage”, you should know it is something.

As expected, K-drama film locations in South Korea are mostly concentrated around Seoul. These include the Deoksugung Palace Stonewall Walkway, Cheonggyecheon Stream, or Seoul Fortress Wall. At a first glance, some of these spots may not seem that romantic. But in the eyes of a K-drama fan, even a place like Sinchon Graffiti Tunnel transforms. The panorama from the Eungbong Mountain Park does look great on and off camera. As for Yonsei University (Sinchon Campus), it is obvious what makes it a great backdrop for a love story.

Aside from Seoul’s quaint spots, K-dramas also take advantage of the seaside scenery. Jumunjin Beach Breakwater or Daepohang Port Lighthouse are top picks.

As the film industry focuses on quality, shooting places must meet top standards. If you are looking to explore more film locations, count on South Korea Fixer to show you the most scenic way.