When it comes to media production in South Korea, you can’t but expect greatness from such a country. Regardless if you’re shooting in Seoul or any other city, this country has a ton to offer to filmmakers, producers, and actors alike. A culture like none other, South Korea is a filming gem!

Media production in South Korea, the do’s and don’ts

What should you know before even thinking about organizing a media production in South Korea? First of all, people in South Korea are hardworking and respectful of their employers. This means, if you get Koreans to work on your production, you can rest assured your money is put to good use. Second, laws in South Korea are specific when it comes to the production of movies and TV series. You’re most likely going to need permits to film, as well as locally sourced actors and fixers so that everything runs well.

The best thing you can do for your media production in South Korea is to mostly rely on locally sourced men and equipment. Being the country producing everything from video cameras to the craziest accessories for filming, South Korea is unbeatable when it comes to equipment. The same goes for actors and personnel. After all, this is the country that has brought up the most viewed music video, and in fact video on YouTube in history. Surely, they must be doing the right thing.

As a general rule of what not to do while shooting in South Korea, avoid at all costs the trying of avoiding the rule of law. Being a country with a rich history in war and peace, Koreans respect governmental laws to the letter. Filming crews are required to do the same, as well as respect schedules and the overall cultural heritage of the places they’re shooting at.

South Korean landmarks for media production

What are some of the most famous places to have a media production in South Korea? Seoul is a great start. The capital city of South Korea is a great place to learn about the history, culture, and heritage of the country. It’s also where you’ll find the main landmarks of the country, the best food, and the most amazing architecture. Other cities like Busan and Incheon are also popular filming locations for movie crews, based on their needs.

When it comes to specific landmarks, South Korea is famous for places like Gyeongbokgung Palace, the most important palace in the country by far. Another place is the Bukchon Hanok Village, in the North of Seoul, the most impressive representation of a Korean village the way it used to look and function. Let’s not forget about Nami Island, a half-moon-shaped island that’s just incredible to walk on, and film if you’re into nature shots that are real, but look like special effects.

Many other places in South Korea deserve your attention, so make sure you find them before they reach super popularity status.