Media productions can be difficult, sometimes unpredictable working environments. Especially in a country like South Korea, where there’s a language barrier. The best way to go? Hire a production coordinator in South Korea for the very best results for your movie, TV series, or documentary. Here’s what you need to know.

How to hire a production coordinator in South Korea

Are you thinking about hiring a production coordinator in South Korea? The first step is to make sure your production needs one. While a coordinator is great for all production, it implies an extra cost, which means the overall costs of your gig will go up. Usually, if your production is smaller than 10 people, you don’t need a coordinator. The director will be capable enough to handle things on their own, alongside producers. If you do get over that threshold, then you should hire a coordinator.

Another thing to look for when thinking about hiring a production coordinator in South Korea is language. While many people in the country speak good English, you will need a professional speaker and writer for this job, just to ensure that the message is being transmitted from one side of the production to the other in the best way possible. Test your production coordinator thoroughly before hiring them, making sure they speak great English and Korean.

And finally, if you’re set on hiring a coordinator for your shoot, start looking for the best of them among film solutions companies. You can hire freelancers, sure, but the best bet when searching is to start with the filming companies. These people are professionals, which means they most likely know what your needs are more than you do. They will therefore be able to assist you in discovering the ideal candidate for your production.

The best tips for production in South Korea

What are some of the most important tips you should know when organizing a film production in South Korea? We covered the first already, as hiring a production coordinator in South Korea will surely make things easier for all of you. Moving forward, the next thing is locations. When you film in South Korea, you’re most likely going to start with Seoul. This massive metropolis has got everything you would ever need for video production. From historical castles to other famous landmarks to parks, dozens upon dozens of restaurants, as well as other places to go and point your cameras towards.

Third, South Korea is very far away from pretty much everything else. This is why probably the most important tip here is to get your equipment and most of your staff from the ground. Flying them in will put the costs of your production way up, making it wildly expensive. If you can find a balance between locals and flown-in staff, including actors and producers, you’re on your way to a reliable, reasonably priced media production experience.