With our film fixers, filming in South Korea will be seamless and convenient. Our local production fixers can work independently on your projects or assist in the process of hiring additional crew when needed.

We do no charge fix costs for our service, which means we are cheaper than regular South Korean production companies, yet just as effective

Location Scouting

The bustling city of Seoul is the capital city and the main production center in South Korea. However, our local location fixers are able to work from anywhere in the country to cover your production needs.

Fixer South Korea is familiar with getting film permits in Seoul and other places. We can work with both public authorities and private owners to secure access.

Crew Sourcing

Finding local directors of photography, photographers, cameramen and other key crew in South Korea is relatively easy. With the help of our local fixers, we can help you find hardworking and reliable professionals with years of experience working in international production. However, many of the local crew do not speak English fluently, which means hiring a translator might be necessary.

Equipment Hire

You will find most of the equipment and gear you need for production in South Korea available from local suppliers. This includes specialized cameras, tracking vehicles, technocranes, helimounts and so on. Additional equipment can easily be brought in from abroad if needed. 

Assistance for Foreign Journalists

Our South Korean fixers have extensive knowledge and experience amassed from years of working on reports for international media. They can assist foreign journalists with initial research. In addition, we do quick fact checks and organize interviews with contributors anywhere in the country.

General Production Support

Whether you need small crews for a simple project or logistics for large-scale production, Fixer South Korea is able to set things up for you just the way a fully-fledged production company would. We have a trusted network of local suppliers and sufficient experience for setting up shoots anywhere in the country.