Are you considering stunning South Korea as the destination for your filming project? Wondering whether you can get a reliable English-speaking production assistant in South Korea as part of your production crew? Wonder no more. You can depend on us to help you source for the right fit.

Hiring a Production Assistant in South Korea who Exceeds Expectations

A production assistant performs small and random tasks that are however critical to the success of your filming project.

Independent recruitment of a production assistant in South Korea can be a frustrating and time-consuming exercise. Because it is an entry-level job, you will get a mountain of applications to sift, and consequently, several applicants to go through before settling on the right candidate.

The problem is that many locals do not speak English fluently. It becomes necessary for you to incur the extra cost of hiring a translator to help you understand the applications and the applicants.

Once you have drawn the shortlist, we recommend that you prioritize three things in the interviewing process; passion for film, clarity on expectations of the job, and immediate demonstration of skills.

A production assistant is a jack of all trades. They need to juggle various tasks and still maintain a good attitude throughout.   

The candidates should take a skills test. They need to demonstrate that they can multitask. Deliver to them a multitude of random tasks on the first day and see how they hold up. The wrong ones will leave right away, and the last person standing will be the production assistant you are looking for!

Clearly, recruiting a production assistant in South Korea is a strenuous and time-consuming process. Rely on us to help you get the right production assistant so that the cameras begin rolling right away.

Why Rely on South Korean Fixer for A Production Assistant?

Your video production project deserves the best production assistant in South Korea. And we are well equipped, more than ready to help you contract one at the most comfortable rates.

Fixer South Korea is a leading and respected video production company in South Korea, with a wide network of collaborators spread across the country. We have what it takes to help you hire a production assistant who speaks English fluently and fits your bill perfectly.

And do not just take our word for it. Clients that we have worked with can attest to our capacity and experience in recruiting experienced production assistants who not only have a great attitude but also have a passion for film.

You can pick from our pool of tested and tried production assistants, whose suitability we can vouch for. Apart from possessing the requisite skills such as video editing, they are physically fit, have a keen eye for aesthetics, excellent attention to detail, and have great interpersonal skills. 

To keep things running smoothly for you, we keep tabs on the production assistant we help you hire. This way we can ensure that they are working as expected.

Talk to us today. We will help you find a passionate, reliable, hardworking production assistant with experience working in international filming production.